The aerelight A1 marks the dawn of a global lighting revolution, by taking OLED lighting technology out of research labs and putting it into your hands. The A1 is inspired by cutting edge technology, but designed for simplicity of form and function.

Hand-crafted in Canada using premium materials, the precise angles in the anodized aluminum frame provide maximum illumination while providing aesthetic balance. The base is accented with real American walnut, providing a warm contrast to the sleek frame while paying homage to the carbon-based materials used in OLEDs.


Touch Control, no need for a small light switch when the entire aluminum frame senses your touch to control power and dimming.Its 3-stage Dimming Control, allows you to match the brightness of the aerelight A1 to match the task at hand.Wireless Charging, compatible smartphone and other devices can be charged simply by placing it on the wooden base. Qi wireless and PMA 1.5+ protocols supported.

One of the neatest perks of the desktop Aerelight is the wireless charger built into the base, which will juice up any compatible device (if your phone isn’t, there’s probably a case you can buy that is) when it is set down onto the walnut surface.

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