Taking Center Stage Diptyque Launches Vetyverio Eau de Parfum


Vetyverio is diptyque‘s second homage to vetiver, once in 2010 with an Eau de Toilette and now with an Eau de Parfum.  Both fragrances present wo distinct perspectives from the same perfumer: Olivier Pescheux. In the Eau de Toilette: two essences (one from Java and the other from Haiti) complement each other in a subtle balancing act. In the Eau de Parfum, used in a very high concentration, Haitian vetiver takes centre stage.

When powerful and virile vetiver flirts with a floral and fresh bouquet, you can’t help but be carried away by strong sensations and contrasting temperatures.

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Vetiver from Haiti differs in many aspects from its Javanese counterpart. In Haiti the roots are never thick and dark with rough, earthy scents, as we find in vetiver grown elsewhere. Haitian vetiver’s roots resemble threads in different shades of blond—like angel hair. It is a vetiver of extraordinary subtlety.