Rihanna’s Single Tweet Sells Out Dolce and Gabbana $9,000 Headphones


Rihanna’s new album Anti went straight to platinum on it’s first day of release, clearly a lot of attention around the pop star right now. And as it turns out, Rihanna isn’t the only one to benefit from that level of hype, so did Dolce & Gabanna..Last week, before the release of Anti, a tweet from Rihanna simply read “listening to ANTI.” That apparently wasn’t the most important part of the tweet to many, however. What was were the headphones she was wearing: gold, jewel-encrusted headphones that resemble a tiara.

Rihanna Dolce Headphones 004

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With a single Twitter tweet that was retweeted over 160,000 times with over 270,000 likes showing the image of Rihanna wearing the pair sold for $9,000, the Swarovski crystals and other ornamentation headphones was sold out within 24 hours.. If Rihanna wears it, you can be sure everybody else want to wear it too!

Rihanna Dolce Headphones 003
The Italian duo wanted to create their dream version of headphones, and looked to FRENDS to use our elegant and innovative design as a blank canvas to produce the most beautiful and ornate pieces of our time. This piece is embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, set with intricate gold-toned filigree, along with bronze Nappa leather on the headband and ear cushions. Wearing a crown is officially encouraged with this majestic take on our signature Taylor style.