Innovative Engineering- Explore the McLAREN 650S SPIDER


Discover the exquisite materials and race-bred technology that combine to provide such a unique balance of luxury and excitement in the McLaren 650S Spider.

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Grip the tactile, small-diameter steering wheel and your fingertips’ sense of connection to the McLaren 650S Spider echoes that of our racing drivers in a Formula 1™ cockpit – the shape, the grip and the feel were all inspired by the steering wheels in our race cars. There are no buttons or switches to diminish the purity of interaction between man and machine.

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The McLaren 650S Spider features a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for super-fast gearshifts and peerless efficiency. You can control those gearshifts via a Formula 1-inspired rocker shift paddle mounted on the steering wheel. That means gearshifts are always at your fingertips, whether you’re flat-out through Eau Rouge or trickling through Monaco’s Grand Hotel Hairpin. A new feature allows for stacked shifts when the driver pulls the rocker shift multiple times, delivering the change directly to the desired gear. Or just select Auto and let the car do the work.

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How the suspension connects you to the road, how quickly the gearshifts react to your inputs, even the volume of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8… ADP’s Normal, Sport and Track modes allow you to tailor the McLaren 650S Spider to your ideal driving preferences. Refined cruiser one minute, track-day thrill-seeker the next.

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The McLaren 650S Spider’s dihedral doors bring drama and aerodynamic efficiency, its stunning all-LED headlamps help to save fuel and its retractable hardtop roof has been painstakingly engineered to minimise weight and maintain an excellent centre of gravity.

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60mph in under three seconds, a 204mph top speed, 650PS… Explore the thrill of five decades of Formula 1 success transferred to the road.