10 Most Luxury First Class Airline Cabins

It’s a tough and very demanding job to make a top 10 list, but we accomplished it. We have devised a comprehensive list of world’s best and Most Luxurious Airline Cabins or First Class in-flight suites. To make the list, they took into account everything from seat configuration, aisle access and suite privacy to the type of champagne served.

10 Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Rated as one of the most luxurious first class flight experience, Etihad goes above and beyond to ensure an optimal customer experience. Featuring a private cabin or apartment, as well as private dining tables for their guests, customers flying first class on Etihad’s flights have access to a personal in-flight chef offering menus inspired by international fine dining cuisines. Their guests can enjoy a signature cognac service and the option to enjoy wines from a boutique wine list.

For entertainment, Ethiad’s guests have access to over 750 hours of in-flight entertainment which can be enjoyed on individual 24″ TV sets, as well as mobile and internet access throughout the place. When it comes to downtime, Etihad’s attention to detail becomes evident: their customers are offered a night time beverage, earplugs, noise cancelling headphones, pillow mist, a personal set of lounge wear, as well as a grooming and care kit to use before they retire to their private space that features a ‘Do Not Disturb’ function .

9 Emirates


Arrive inspired in First Class. Unwind in your own Private Suite, rejuvenate in our A380 Shower Spa, and savor fine dining served whenever the mood takes you. Fly First Class and make every journey your own..

Slide the privacy doors closed and unwind in your own world. Enjoy a glass of exclusive wine or champagne, or help yourself to your personal mini-bar.Turn down the ambient lighting, choose your entertainment, and relax in your private cinema.Convert your seat into a fully flat bed with mattress and drift into a restful sleep. Your vanity table and mirror help you prepare for the day ahead, to arrive feeling refreshed.Indulge in a refreshing shower at 40,000 feet.There’s nothing quite like a rejuvenating shower to leave you feeling inspired. Prepare for your arrival in our A380 Shower Spa, using our selection of Bvlgari toiletries and signature Timeless Spa products.Once you’ve finished pampering, replenish your energy with one of our detoxifying fresh juices. Just the boost you need to feel ready to take on the day.


8 Thai Royal Airlines

Thai Royal Airlines

Cabin and seat luxuries vary between routes and aircraft. Wherever you are flying, savour Thai-inspired elegance with exclusive interiors weaving together ultra luxe contemporary hospitality design, traditional motifs and textures, divine comfort and surprising innovations and service touches.

On THAI’s Airbus A380s and newly remodelled Boeing 747s, Royal First passengers enjoy spacious semi-private suites nearly 8 feet long. Seat width is a generous 23 inches on the new-model Boeing 747s and expansive 27 inches on the Airbus A380s.In-flight entertainment systems boast 23-inch flat screens with approximately 130 films, 300 television programmes, 500 music CDs and a huge variety of games and special features.Additional Boeing 747s and Airbus A340s offer luxury pod designs, also with 180-degree lie-flat beds and nearly 7 feet in length of private space between each Royal First seat. Seat width is a generous minimum of 21 inches. Flat screens offer the same range of audio and video programmes on demand.All Royal First guests delight in the highest levels of THAI service, gourmet culinary journeys and exclusive amenities. Additional cabin features such as in-flight lounge areas, changing rooms and bespoke indulgences vary by flight.


7 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Your private sanctuary in the sky…The new First Class seats, designed together with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, offer passengers superior comfort and privacy in a modern and welcoming cabin.Each seat features a new fixed-back shell design with curved side panels to provide a clear demarcation of personal space, for added privacy. At 35-inch width and a bed length of 82 inches, passengers can now enjoy one of the most spacious First Class products in the sky.The ergonomically sculpted head rest and seat cushions further enhance the comfort of the new First Class seat. The seat back cushions now provide better lumbar support and the seat pan offers a comfortable cradled seating position.


6 Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Indulge yourseld in all the warmth and graciousness for which japan is knowned.Called the JAL Suite, the first class cabins on the Japan Airlines international flights are spacious and ultimate in luxury. They have been ergonomically designed and outfitted with premium genuine leather. The seat reclines completely to become a bed. Tempur has developed plush mattress pads and pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep for the passengers. The spacious suites boast of an exciting in-flight entertainment system and innovative lighting system.


5 Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways

On Qantas international flights, you’ll get great sleep on a fully-flat, extra wide bed topped with a sheepskin mattress, luxurious pillows, blankets and a duvet. You may not have time to sleep, though, because a collaboration with Australian celebrity chef Neil Perry of Rockpool means that each flight is stocked with irresistible food.

For dinner, you can choose to enjoy an eight-course tasting menu from Rockpool or eat a la carte. All meals are designed by Neil himself, and you suite has a roomy ottoman so you can host a guest and not have to dine alone. Consult one of Qantas’ “Sommeliers in the Sky” to make the most of the airline’s award winning wine selection. If you’re not hungry come dinner time, you can request a light meal at any time during the flight.Not eating? Enjoy entertainment on a 17 inch touch screen in your A380 suite. You’ll also have access to laptop and phone connection. Or, dig into your amenities bag full of SK-II products.


4 Lufthansa


The first class cabins on Lufthansa A380s have been designed every step of the way in tandem with customer ideals through surveys, workshops and seat-tests on aircraft with actual passengers. This means the cabin experience is truly one that the consumer will find comfort in. Each first class cabin hold just eight, 79 cm wide seats that turn into 6.8 foot flat beds. Lufthansa aircraft are the first to include an air humidification and zonal drying system to help customers breathe, sleep and eat well.Flight attendants perform a turn-down service and top the flat bed with a mattress from Paradies, and German bedding expert, and scientifically tested pillows. Your bed is topped off with 100% cotton Perkal sheets from Fleuresse, and you’ll receive Van Laack pajamas and Porsche amenity kits with luxurious La Mer cosmetics for women.

Each seat has flexible screens to provide privacy outside of the suite formation that other top first classes use. Lufthansa finds that suits can feel small and constricting. Bathrooms on board are much larger than other airlines and include separate changing areas to promote hygiene and comfort. At meal time, Lufthansa serves up menus created by Michelin Star chefs like David Bouley, Paul Bocuse and Thomas Keller. Meals are served up on Dibbern fine bone china, and each plane is stocked with high quality caviars. Passengers are often surprised with whiskey or vinegar tastings, ice cream sundaes or Oktoberfest specialties.


3 Air France

Air France

In your La Première suite, you are free to orchestrate your trip however you see fit. Move around or enjoy your privacy as you please. Create your own world in the sky by taking advantage of the many services available to you, including Personal coat service,Numerous storage areas for your belongings and Bedside reading lamp to read in privacy

Your private suite ensures you sleep soundly. Your wide seat transforms into a bed measuring over 2 m / 6.5 ft in length and 77 cm / 30 in in width. It includes a futon mattress, a large pillow and a fluffy duvet by Sofitel My Bed.Enjoy all the benefits of a full night’s sleep in a comfortable environment worthy of a grand hotel.From the moment you board to your final arrival, you are in control of a complete, latest-generation entertainment system. It includes an intuitive touchscreen interface and remote control available in 12 languages. Take advantage of 1,000 hours of on-demand programming, including movies, games, TV shows, documentaries, music, a new relaxation video and a catalog of items sold on board.


2 British Airways

British Airways

Flying on British Airways provides first class passengers with many luxuries, including their own private and spacious suite, a comfortable adjustable seat that becomes a fully flat bed with a mattress, duvet and a complimentary pair of pajamas. Flyers can enjoy a facial or full body relaxation massage in any of British Airways’ first class lounges around the world, or a light massage on some unique flights. Their menu choices include three full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as the option to order additional choices. –

1 ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA All Nippon Airways

Spend every moment in total comfort before your departure, as ANA SUITE LOUNGE offers a personal space to relax in, with the promise of incomparable luxury that our esteemed guests deserve.At Narita Airport, ANA offers exclusive check-in service for our esteemed First Class and Diamond Service Members.

A private space up in the skies.The square cabin has been cleverly designed to provide the ultimate space, privacy, and comfort.The high-panel walls are furnished in contemporary wood tones for both the exterior and interior, creating the perfect room exclusively for our esteemed guests.Refined dining at 30,000 feet.Menus and ingredients have been selected by the CONNOISSEURS, who include famous chefs from both outside and inside Japan, wine, coffee and alcohol beverage specialists, and the ANA chefs whom we are proud to say are the best among the world’s airlines. Entertain your taste buds with the best of seasonal delicacies in Japanese Kaiseki style or with elegantly crafted Modern European dishes, as we provide the best of both worlds.